Maximum Overdrive In Real-Life

Want to see your favorite horror truck come to life? Look no further than Joplin, MO, where Nate Lawrence resides. 

Lawrence is not new to the horror world. He has spent over 10 years building haunted houses and movie sets. Maximum Overdrive came out when he was just 7 or 8 years old, and it made a lasting impression. Building from scratch, and many obstacles later, Lawrence was able to re-create his truck identical to the "Green Goblin" from the infamous movie Maximum Overdrive. 

For the unveiling of Lawrence's replica, apperances were made by both actors Barry Bell and Patrick Miller from the movie. 

Nate Lawrence can be found at this years Mid America Truck (MATS) 2023. Don't miss out on seeing this real life replica! Check out his facebook group at